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AlpsHL: Kneeing: Zwei Spiele Sperre für Gröden-Crack:

Viktor Schweitzer vom HC Gherdeina wurde für zwei Spiele gesperrt.

Das Urteil im englischen Originaltext:

Viktor Schweitzer (#97) of HC Gherdeina,time appromimately 14:30, made contact with an opponent deemed as Kneeing, IIHF Rule 152. The video evidence was sent to the AHL Player Safety Committee (PSC), which determined the incident to be worthy of supplementary discipline – Category 1 – ‘Careless’ – insufficientattentionor thought to avoid harm or error. Liable to happen as a consequence of, by intending to affectan opponent through a reactionary or accidental motion or the incident is deemed careless causing negligence.

According to the Arbitratorand having considered the video evidence and ruling of the AHL PSC, player Viktor Schweitzer (#97) of HC Gherdeina,will receive supplementary discipline under rule 152 – Kneeing.

On Tuesday, February 25th, (#97) Viktor Schweitzer of HC Gherdeina,was involved in an incident deemed as Kneeing on WSV Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephanforward Paolo Bustreo (#4).

As the video shows, Paolo Bustreo is in puck possession breaking into the attacking zone, driving wide in an attemptto drive to the net. As the defending player, Viktor Schweitzer is playing Bustreo 1 on 1. In an attempt to beat Schweitzer, Bustreo skates from wide side, into middle ice area.


The reason for supplementary discipline, is the defensive action Schweitzer used to gain body position on Bustreo,through the extension and use of his knee. It is deemed that Schweitzer had the correct intentions, in angling off Bustreo.When Schweitzer realized he was 1 step behind, he made – what is felt,a reactionary move in extending his knee out and into the skating lane of Bustreo.It is not deemed that Schweitzer did the knee extension with an intent to injure, but rather reactionary. Regardless, a player is responsible for his body actions and making a legal defending play. In this case the leg extension created a leg on leg contact,with no body to body contact.It is important to note, that the kneeing incident did lead to an apparent injury.

Schweitzer must refrain from the use of his leg as the contact point of checks. He must skate to be in a position to use his hip or shoulder to make a body check. When body position is not available, then a regard for puck must be considered.

Effective immediately, Viktor Schweitzer (#97) of HC Gherdeina valgardena.itis suspended for 2 games.

Key references:

  • This is Kneeing
  • Leg to leg contact
  • Considered category 1 – Careless
  • Not a repeat offender
  • From the perspective of DOPS and according to the AHL Penalty Catalog Ref. Nr. 120 – Kneeing, Viktor Schweitzer (#97) of HC Gherdeina,is suspended for 2 games, effective immediately.

Next game Viktor Schweitzer (#97) of HC Gherdeina valgardena.itis allowed to play:
02.03.2020 HC Gherdeina vs. EHC Lustenau

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