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Fehervar AV 19

ICEHL-Video: Nächster Rückschlag: DOPS sperrt Fehervar-Scorer!

Braeden Shaw von Hydro Fehérvár AV19 ist wegen einer Behinderung in Finalspiel zwei gegen EC Red Bull Salzburg für zwei Spiele gesperrt und mit einer Geldstrafe von 500,00 Euro belegt worden.

Das Original-Urteil in englischer Sprache:

Braeden Shaw (#12) of Hydro Fehervar AV19, time 31:38 was involved in an incident deemed as Interference (IIHF Rule 56). The video evidence was sent to the win2day ICE Hockey League PSC, which determined the incident to be worthy of supplementary discipline – Category 1 – ‚Careless‘.

According to the Arbitrator and having considered the video evidence and ruling of the win2day ICE Hockey League PSC, Braeden Shaw (#12) of Hydro Fehervar AV19, will receive supplementary discipline under rule 56 – Interference.

Thursday night in Szekesfehervar, Fehervar forward #12 Braeden Shaw, delivered a forceful check on Salzburg D’Man #2 Mike Dalhuisen, while Dalhuisen was not in possession of the puck. Shaw was assessed a 5 min.+ game misconduct penalty for interference.

The incident was sent to the ICEHL PSC and determined supplementary discipline is required under Category 1 – ‘Careless’.

As the video shows, Dalhuisen steps up to make a play on the puck, at which time the puck is poke checked, causing a quick and timely alteration in play. Both Dalhuisen and Shaw had to quickly make and alter their course of play and skating lanes. While Dalhuisen is transitioning from an attack mode to a defensive mode, he alters his skating from forward to backwards, with an intent to curl back into his ‚D‘ zone. Simultaneously, Shaw is moving from a back check to maintaining an attacking zone play, which causes a change in his skating lane.

In the process of a quick transition, Shaw prepares his arm and shoulder to make a glancing shoulder check, that causes Dalhuisen to receive an unsuspecting check, that causes an apparent injury.

This is interference.

It is important to note, this is deemed a body check, not merely a collision. Shaw is aware of the immediate location of Dalhuisen and Shaw is the player that initiates the contact on this play. This is not deemed an accidental collision. It is determined the Shaw does slightly alter his body and prepare for contact, immediately before contact is made. Hockey is a fast transitional game, however, at this level the difference between appearing accidental and accidental on purpose is the responsibility players must know. Finally, it is important to note, Dalhuisen does not have the puck and is not eligible to be checked and does not and should not expect to be checked on this play.


  • Unsuspecting
  • Body check on a player not in possession of the puck
  • Category 1 – Careless
  • Repeat offender

From the perspective of DOPS and according to the win2day ICE Hockey League Penalty Catalog Ref. Nr. 152 – Interference, Braeden Shaw (#12) of Hydro Fehervar AV19 is suspended for 2 games and fined 500.00 Euros.

Previous suspension:
10.12.2021 Hydro Fehervar AV19 vs. Moser Medical Graz99ers 2 games – IIHF 48 Illegal Check to the Head or Neck

Next game Braeden Shaw (#12) of Hydro Fehervar AV19 is allowed to play: TBA

DOPS stellt folgendes Video zur Verfügung:, Bild: Soós Attila (Hydro Fehérvár AV19)

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