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Sonstiges: What are the Types of Hockey Bets?

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world. While it’s certainly not on par with football, it still has a dedicated following in multiple countries. This also regards bettors, who are more than keen to make money off of it by casino spiele. Betting on ice hockey, while it can prove to be incredibly profitable, requires lots of research, and the right live casino platform.

There are multiple types of bets that you can wager on, and here they are:

Puck line

The puck line is a type of point spread bet. It consists of either the underdog losing by  -1.5 points or the favourite winning by +1.5 points. Due to the nature of ice hockey which is the fact that the scores are most often quite low, it’s one of the most popular bets. 

The main characteristic of this bet is that +1.5 is considered relatively safe if the underdog is clear. Still, it’s even safer to bet on the money line.

Money line

The money line bet is all about choosing the victor straight-up. Now, the biggest determiner for the odds is home ice, followed by the position within the ranking. At times, if one of the best teams in the league plays on home ice versus one of the opponents from the bottom of the table, the odds can go as high as +400, meaning that each $100 would win you $400.

Point spread

Point spread bets are generally the same as puck line bets, as they’re the same category. The main difference is the fact that point spread bets can go for +2.5/-2.5 or +3.5/-3.5 even, which makes them as risky as they are profitable.

You can even go ahead and place a reverse puck line bet, where the places of the favourite and the underdog are switched, resulting in huge payouts.


Most usually, the line is set on 5.5 goals. You bet on either the game completing with fewer or more points than 5.5. It doesn’t matter who wins or who scores the goals. As long as you choose the right total, you win.

Regulation time

This bet is comprised of either the favourite winning within the regulation time, or the underdog winning or the game going into the overtime. There’s also the third option of a tie.

Proposition bets

With proposition or prop bets, you have complete freedom of what you want to wager on. There are many different bets, ranging from who will score first, will there be a goal in the first period, or will the final score be even or odd. There are also highly specific, fun wagers such as the 2012 all-stars match’s “over/under number of penalties,” “over/under times “concussion” is mentioned,” or “will Henrik Lundqvist’s hair move?”.

Parlay bets

Parlay bet consists of multiple bets made at the same time. While these require a lot of expertise to predict correctly, they usually land the biggest payouts as the odds are multiplied.


Betting on futures is nothing else than wagering on events that will happen in, say, a couple of months’ time. Most usually, the winners aren’t decided in one game, as the bet may, for example, be placed on the winner of the Stanley Cup at the beginning of the season. Now, since the cup starts a few months after the start, the odds are usually huge. 

Period bets

Seeing that a match of ice hockey is divided into three periods, it’s only fair for you to be able to bet on the result of each one. This is where period bets come in, with a chance for you to make a more diversified wager. The final winner doesn’t matter; if your choice wins the first period but loses the match, you still win.

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