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AlpsHL: Tätlichkeit gegen Schiri: Saisonende für Lustenau-Defender!

Zwei Spieler vom EHC Lustenau wurden für unterschiedliche Vergehen am letzten Spieltag gesperrt. David Slivnik erhielt für eine Tätlichkeit gegenüber einem Schiedsrichter eine 6-Spiele-Sperre, Dominic Haberl wurde wegen Stockschlags für eine Partie gesperrt.

Das Urteil im englischen Originalintext:

David Slivnik (#24) of EHC Lustenau, time approximately 47:33 was involved in an incident deemed as Abuse of Officials (IIHF Rule 116). The video evidence and in consultation with the game officials, was reviewed by DOPS,which determined the incident to be worthy of supplementary discipline – Rule 116 (v.) – Abuse of Officials – Category 2 – applies force with no intent to injure.

According to the Arbitratorand having considered the video evidence and ruling of the Alps Hockey League PSC, David Slivnik (#24) of EHC Lustenau, will receive supplementary discipline under rule 116 – Abuse of Officials.

On February 25th in Salzburg, an incident occurred involving (#24) David Slivnik, deemed as an Abuse of Officials.

As the video shows, a face-offoccurs in the defending zone of Lustenau. The face-offis won by Salzburg, with the puck and play moving to the board side, with Salzburg in puck possession. As the defending team, Lustenau must instantly move to a defensive manner. This is in part, the reason David Slivnik, who is lined up board side off the face-off,immediately moves into the face-offcircle and then alters his skating path towards the puck.

The reason for supplementary discipline, is the physical occurrence between David Slivnik and a game official.It has been deemed that there was no need for Slivnik to use his stick in a cross checking manner to the backside of the game official.The game official, after dropping the puck did what every official would do in immediately backing out of face-offarea and turning his chest to the play. This is common on every face-off and the area the game official is in, should not be a surprise to any player. In this case, Slivnik did not just bump into the official,but used his stick directly to the back of the game official,with force. It is important to note that approximately 3 minutes before in the same game, after an icing, Slivnik had a confrontationwith the same game official.

It is also important to note, that this is not the 1st incident that Slivnik has had with a game official.He has received supplementary discipline in the past, due to an incident with a game official.Slivnik is considered a repeat offender.

Effective immediately, David Slivnik (#24) of EHC Lustenau is suspended for 6 games.

Key references:

  • This is Abuse of an Official
  • Threateningaction- Category 2
  • Abuse of an Official
  • Repeat offender

From the perspective of DOPS and according to the AHL Penalty Catalog Ref. Nr. 101 Abuse of official and unsportsmanlike conduct by players, David Slivnik (#24) of EHC Lustenau is suspended for 6 games, effective immediately.

Next game David Slivnik (#24) of EHC Lustenau is allowed to play:

DOPS made following video available:, Photo: GEPA pictures/ Felix Roittner

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